An incurable romantic in search for a dream…
This title has been with me for months, ever since Corrado and I decided to improve the look of our B & B and the guys from Go Marketing&Co. started offering their suggestions.

The title is the only thing that I never wanted changed, and they always agreed to my requests with patience and professionalism to design what you can see now: the new logo and the new site.
Marzamemi B & B, my B & B, really represents me. It talks about a part of me which is often hidden; it is a romantic place, decorated in a shabby style with a lot of old and repurposed furniture, reinterpreted according to my imagination and in some cases even borrowed from nature. Furniture that shows my attention to detail and respect for the environment.

The fourth year is about to begin and every year it is always like the first time… the excitement of donating the first smile, baking the first cake…
Holidays, whether they last a day or a week, represent a dream; realising it is a big responsibility.
 This B&B is like a son for me. In 2014, when we had just inaugurated the hotel, I found out I was pregnant.
I remember that I was in the kitchen and I was making coffee for our guests, the same guests who saw my belly grow bigger day after day. The following summer I had to balance work and breastfeeding, then my baby took his first steps and the first races together in the garden.

Jacopo is growing up with this B & B, in this B & B, and, like all mothers, I will never stop putting my heart into the passions of my life!

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